Pointing out the News

SHAW Direct 107.3W                     

Files for Shaw 107 have been updated, new file names:
Shaw 107.3 New
ShawD 107.3 (2)
xKu Shaw 107 New

The Canada super list and Shaw Direct single lists have also been updated

DSWiM ReverseBand Files

Two Files have been added to the Configure page in the Available Satellites list in the ---DirecTv SWM--- section:
These files are to be used when installing the new DSWiM Reverse Band LNBs with the Non-Ultra Birdogs.
For Ultra meters, see the 'Ultra' page of this website.

AMC18 C-Band
The CV AMC-18 105 West *New 2017* file was updated on Feb 14, 2017, but older Birdogs such as V2.5 and V3 did not lock with that file.
Two new files have been added to the CBand section of the Available Satellites list that will lock with V2.5 & V.3 as well as V4.0 USB Plus. These new files are named:

CV AMC-18 105W Test 1      and
CV AMC-18 105W Test 2

Make sure you have BER Log, not BER Lin, selected in the settings menu that you bring up by selecting OFF button with meter already off.

DishNetWork Western Arc

All Non-Ultra Birdog users:

New files for DishNetWork 110/119 have been added to the "Named Services" section of the pick list on the configure page.
These files are named:
BL Dish 110 Tp 18 *New*
BR Dish 110 Tp23 *New*
BL Dish 119 Tp 32 *New*
BR Dish 119 Tp27 *New*

Other transponders for Dish 110 and Dish 119 have been added below the 'Named Services' section.

Note - Non-Ultra version Birdog meters will not lock on 129 West.

The Preconfigured lists have been updated

DirecTv 99/103 Files                  

"Ka DirecTv 99 RF Only" and "Ka DirecTv 103 RF Only" have been added to the Available Satellites box of the Configure page and also to the Ultra download page.  These files will NOT lock on 99/103 but will give RF signal strength for info purposes only.   (They will not work on SWM LNBs.)

NOTE - These files are NOT a substitute for the REQUIRED dithering of all DirecTv Ka/Ku dishes.

Also note that the Ka 103 file will not readily reflect movement of the dish to the same degree as the Ka 99 file, this is normal.

Birdog Ultra 
Birdog Ultra downloads can only be done from the download link on the Ultra page of this website.  Do not use the Configure or Preconfigure pages to download files into your Birdog Ultra version meter. 

Bell TV Files for Canada
There are now two Nimiq-4 82W files available on the configure page under "Named Services".
82W Nimiq-4 U.S. and 82W Nimiq-4 Canada.
Bell-TV installers in Canada should use file labeled for Canada.

NOTE - July 20, 2012 - Nimiq 1 @ 91W has migrated to satellite Nimiq 6 @ 91.1 West.
While the files will still lock in Canada, the footprint of Nimiq 6 does not reach very far South into the U.S. and as such Bell TV may not reach your birdog unless in Canada.

SWM files are available on the 'Configure' page   

The 'Available Satellites' box on the Configure page has SWM files, located
after the 'Named Services' section.

There are currently two SWM sections:
----DirecTV SWM---- has two files, DirecTv SWM 101 and DirecTv SWM 119.
These files will work with any version Birdog.
---BirDog USB Plus Only--- has two files, DTV SWM 101 & 119 Dual Display
and DirecTV SWM Histogram.  These files will only work in the USB Plus model.

To align the integrated SWM LNBs (SL5S or SL3S) with a Birdog meter, you must
use a single port power passing splitter, rated at least 2mHz to 2150mHz, or you
can use the DTV ASL tool.  Connect the SWM power inserter to the power 
passing port of the splitter/ASL, connect the Birdog to the non-power passing port.

1.  As the non-Ultra version Birdog meters cannot power the integrated SWM LNB by itself, the SWM power inserter must be used with a splitter or ASL, as described in the above paragraph, when aligning this dish with your Birdog.
2.  Do NOT have a receiver connected when aligning the integrated SWM LNB.
This can cause inaccurate readings on your meter. 

Recent Satellite file Updates

91W   G17 91W                KV                      Revised 03/04/2020
89W   G-28 89W               KV                      Revised 03/04/2020
89W   Galaxy-28               CV                      Added 07/09/2019
91W   Galaxy-17               CV                      Added 05/07/2019

Issues reported with "Starband" ISP

Some Starband modems are not compatible with downloading "Configure" satellite files to BirDog meters. If you are accessing this website through Starband and are unsuccessful in obtaining either the .zip or .exe satellite loads, please use a different ISP.


BirDog versions and their compatibility with DTV multiple-reception LNBs:

Evolving advancements in satellite signal reception have placed an increased demand on signal meters due to the current draw of multiple LNB dishes. Older versions of the BirDog meter, in some cases, simply cannot support the current draw required to power multi-LNBs.  As always, ensure your meter has received sufficient full charge prior to attempting this.

With version 2.20 (StaUS2.20 software) meters, it’s recommended that the satellite receiver be connected to one of the ports on the multi-LNB assembly in addition to the Birdog meter, to supply the required power for signal reception.

Earlier versions 2.20 (StxUS2.20 software) and 2.01 will require that additional power from the satellite receiver be applied to one of the ports of the multi-LNB in addition to the BirDog meter.

Version 1.0 meters may not be capable of operating the multiple-LNB assemblies at all, even with additional power supplied by a receiver.

**To check for your version type; hold down on the “ON” button, and continue holding the button down; freezing the start-up screen. The version of the meter is displayed on the second line, to the right of the manufacture date.


Cross-ID of Satellites.

Note that the BirDog may not be able to positively identify the correct location of satellites  Some of the satellites listed on this website do cause the BirDog to indicate “Found” in one or more locations. You may download any of these other satellites but they are to be used with the understanding that misidentification may result. A thorough knowledge of the magnetic heading to the satellite you are attempting to positively identify can help you resolve some of the duplicate satellite locations.


Type of data stream (if provided):

B’=circular polarization

C’=C-band linear polarization

K’=Ku band linear polarization

If the data line indicates that a selected satellite file is for a Ku LNBF, the BirDog must be attached to a Ku LNB on the dish in order to identify the satellite. In other words, selecting a Ku band (linear) bird file from the BirDog menu and then connecting the BirDog to a circular polarized 'B' LNB would be useless.

U’=universal. Selections for use with universal LNBs are grouped in a separate listing at the bottom of the Available Satellites list on the "Configure" page.

Note that some satellite selections describe the satellite service provided in a text format. In that case, the data stream type (B, C, or K) may not be indicated on the meter. For example, if you select the DirecTV 101°file, the text "DTV Ka/Ku &3G" will display in the meter window with no reference to "B", "C", or "K".


Please note that the settings and lists downloadable from this site will work only in BirDog meters sold by Perfect-10/PerfectVision.  The data is unusable in similar meters purchased elsewhere AND the upload will result in a disabled meter.