USB Plus

Latest Firmware for USB Plus                               
Below is the latest firmware for the USB Plus only.  To check the current firmware in your meter, go into the settings menu by selecting the OFF button when the meter is turned off, scroll down to the bottom entry and compare the number to this firmware 1.0U-0044.  To download the firmware, run the exe file and select 'Upgrade'.

Last Firmware


Please Note: The newest firmware version is Birdog_G_10Ua-0045.exe. If you need this newer version please download it here. Newest Birdog Firmware

Thank you for purchasing the Birdog USB Plus.

Even though the USB Plus has many additinal features, the basic operation has remained unchanged from previous Birdog models.

The additional features are available in a new screen, obtainable by one press of the OFF (Up) button when the meter is powered up.

NOTE - the ‘Diseqc’ commands have been moved to this screen

These additional features are designed for those users with knowledge of the makeup of satellite signals and include:

A note on the Custom Carrier feature – you can build one personal custom file into the memory of your BirDog by entering the transponder parameters needed for a lock - specifically the frequency, symbol rate, FEC, etc.

The satellite transponder parameters may be furnished by the company ordering the satellite dish alignment and you should seek their assistance first, but due to the immense number of possible combinations:

Perfect-10 Distributing and/or the-IMC group can NOT provide Custom Carrier parameters.

One possible research source of satellite transponder parameter information is

The Configure page of has the more common satellite parameters already listed and available for download directly to the memory of your BirDog.

Data Log Reader

See below for the instructions for using the Data Log Reader.  

Log Reader Instructions.pdf

Before using the Data Log Reader, you must first download & extract the following zip file program to your computer.