DishNetwork 'bits'...


DishNetWork Western Arc        
All Non-Ultra version users:

Files for DishNetWork 110/119 have been added to the 'Named Services' section of the 'Available Satellites' list on the Configure page.
These files are named:
BL  Dish 110 Tp 18 *New*
BR  Dish 110 Tp 23 *New*
BL  Dish 119 Tp 32 *New*
BR  Dish 119 Tp 27 *New*

Other transponders for Dish 110 & Dish 119 have been added below the 'Named Services' section.

The 'Preconfigured' lists have been updated

ALASKA users                                            
Test files for 110 in Alaska are available at the very top of the available satellites list on the Configure page.
The Birdog Ultra can still lock on all DishNetWork satellites.
Other versions may not.

NOTE - Non-Ultra version meters will no longer lock on 129 West.

DishNetWork 77W                        
77W files on the 'Configure' and 'Preconfigure' pages have been updated to once again allow for the Non-Ultra version Birdog to show found.

NOTE - Because the Ultra version Birdog has the necessary hardware to read Turbo encryption, it
 continues to lock on all satellites for both Eastern and Western arc dishes.

The DiSEqC commands and DishPro LNBFs:

DishPro & DishProPlus LNBFs are switched by DiSEqC signals. When you select a DishPro satellite with your Birdog meter (ie: DishPro 119), the DiSEqC command is sent only once and it is possible for the LNBF assembly to miss that command. This is the reason why you may have discovered that moving off of a satellite file that has previously given a "Found" indication and then moving back to that same file that the "Found" indication is gone (without any adjusments made to the dish).  

To overcome possible missed communications utilize the Birdog’s DiSEqC menu which sends two signals in series– the first one clears any previous commands and a second one resends the LNBF 'selection' command.

To bring up the DiSEqC menu in the BirDog, select the satellite you’re looking for, then press & hold the ON (Down) arrow. A different menu will appear with four choices. Selecting one of the four DiSEqC command lines and pressing the right or left arrow sends the DiSEqC commands to the LNBF.
NOTE - In the USB Plus and Ultra models, DiSEqC commands are reached by pressing the OFF button once (while meter is turned on)

This is how the menu appears:

To select 119W (or 77W    on 1000.4) 
DiSEqC LNB B To select 110W (or 72.7W on 1000.4)
DiSEqC LNB C To select 129W (or 61.5W on 1000.4)
DiSEqC LNB D (for an optional LNB)


satellites with normal handling. 


Alignment of Dish Network’s Dish Pro LNBs with NON-Ultra version Birdog:         

Due to the high current consumption of the Dish Pro or Pro Plus LNBF, before going to the job make sure the meter battery is fully charged by disconnecting it for 10 seconds, reconnect then fully charge.  Resetting battery this way will cause it to show 0% before charging, this is normal and no data will be lost.

If you find that the meter does not have enough power left to work with the Dish Pro LNB, connect a line from a receiver to a different port on the LNB.  The receiver should be turned off but must be  plugged in to electric outlet - this will supplement the Birdog's power to the LNB,

NOTE - The  Non-Ultra Birdog meter will not power a 2nd (Wing) dish connected into a DishProPlus LNB.
You should align the wing dish separately.