Please note that the settings and lists downloadable from this page will work only in BirDog meters sold by Perfect-Vision/Perfect-10. The data is unusable in similar meters that are labeled "Horizon" on the front panel AND the upload
will result in a disabled meter.

  See the 'Ultra' page on this website for info. 

Maximum Number of Satellites You Can Upload:
The USB BirDog meters are capable of holding 64 satellites in memory, earlier versons of the BirDog are capable of holding 32 files.

Temporarily Enable Popups:
You should temporarily "enable" pop-ups (if you have them disabled) in your browser window as this site uses them to present menus that guide you through the download process. Reset your browser to it's original settings after downloading.

Computers without 9-pin Serial Port (does not apply to USB meters)
If you are going to use a USB 2 Adapter because your computer does not have the 9-pin Serial port for the Data Transfer Cord, you might find that the first time you use the adapter it will assign itself to a Com Port other than 1 through 4 and as a result your file will not transfer. You will need to reassign the adapter to a Com Port 1 through 4 by accessing the Ports in your computer's Device Manager. START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM > HARDWARE > DEVICE MANAGER > PORTS


To load a Configuration File:

1. Using the left and right arrows select the satellites you require from the list at the bottom of this page. The order that the satellites appear in the meter can be set using the up and down arrows. Note that you can select up to a maximum of 32 satellite data lines for any one configuration. You can download as many configurations to your computer as you wish.
Note that the previous satellite menu (configuration) in the BirDog will be overwritten by your new configuration.
2. When you have made your selections, in the order you would like for them to appear in your BirDog, press the "Generate" button. A pop-up screen will appear on your computer indicating that a Download is available. Select "Download Your File" and, on the next screen, press the "Save" button. Choose a location on your computer for the .exe file and press the "Save" button. The "Download Complete" screen will appear next, press the "Close" button and then select "Close Window".
3. If you prefer, you can select to receive a WinZip® file of your download. Simply Check the "Create Zipped exe file" box. You should be comfortable with Zipped files and capable of that procedure if you make this selection.
4. Once you have the .exe file on your computer, connect the computer interface cord which came with your BirDog, to your computer and to the BirDog. The BirDog should be turned 'off' when connecting the interface cord. Look at the display screen on the BirDog and insure the text "Program mode" appears. This verifies the cable connection. Then double-click the .exe file you just downloaded. Press the "Transfer" button and the self-enclosed file list from the download will now upload into your BirDog. If you have questions, or are not sure about the connections, consult the BirDog manual. More detailed photos and drawings of these steps are in that document.
5. This completes the Configuration procedure. If the .exe file did not transfer (after you pressed the "Generate" button) to your computer, look at the bottom of this page for text in red script which provides another download link.

Available Satellites   Selected Satellites  

Create zipped exe file*
*If this boxed is checked you will receive a zip file rather than an exe file. You can use this if you want to download a smaller file, but you will have to unzip it.