Driver on this page was updated with new driver CDM 2.04.06.exe.  This replaces all previous drivers.  Remember to let Windows try to find the driver automatically first.  If that fails, then use the procedure below.   

If you are using Windows, you MUST be on the Internet site of the first time you connect the USB + or Ultra version of the Birdog meter to your computer so that Windows can find the correct driver.

If you are using Microsoft Windows 7 O.S. (or any Windows 2000 or above O.S.) and cannot find the proper driver for your USB BirDog meter, use this procedure:

NOTE - It is recommended that you use a browser other than Internet Explorer (ie:  Chrome) to access the below driver.

First: Download the Drivers CDM 2.04.06.exe to "My Documents". (Windows will not always find drivers that are saved elsewhere, ie: "Desktop")

The file will create and self extract to a folder named birdog under the root partition (i.e.  'C:\birdog')

Download your config file from When you connect the Birdog to your computer, Windows 7 will prompt 'Found New Hardware. Windows needs to install driver software for your Birdog Meter.'

Select: "Locate and install driver software (recommended)"

Select: "Don't search online"

Select: "I don't have the disc. Show me other options."

Select: "Browse my computer for driver software (advanced)"

At this point you can browse & select the extracted driver folder that you have saved in "My Documents". This will install the 'USB Serial Converter.' You will then need to repeat the above process for the 'USB Serial Port.' Upon successful completion of the driver installations, you will now be able to download your config file into your Birdog meter with a computer running Microsoft  operating systems.