Welcome to the BirDog Website

The "point" of this website is to provide you with the latest possible information about the BirDog meter; additionally, the most current satellite identification data is provided in a downloadable format. This site makes the BirDog meter uniquely upgradeable with your own personally selected menu in your preference of order. For simplicity, there is also a page with downloadable standard (default) menu configurations.

Please NOTE that Perfect 10 supports the factory default loads only as DirecTV and HughesNet are the intended purpose for this device. Other satellite selections from the "Configure" page are provided with the understanding that they MAY prove useful to you but their function in this meter is not guaranteed.

The "Configure" page lets you select the satellites you want in your meter.

The "News" page has all the latest tips, suggstions and clues on how to get the most out of your BirDog.

The "Preconfigured" page provides the factory default loads.

"Contact us" enables you to contact us with questions or suggestions.

If you need a current owner's manual, go to the "Manual (version)" page.

The following links are to view instructions for the BirDog usage and operation. Both presentations are large downloads (over 2 MB) and will take a while to download.

Please note that the settings and lists downloadable from this site will work only in BirDog meters sold by Perfect-10 Satellite Distributing, USA. The data is unusable in similar meters purchased elsewhere AND the upload will result in a disabled meter.